Our Values

The number 1 reason that people leave organizations is a difference in values. Dober Partners believes in the importance of holding clear values. It is the number 1 reason that clients stay with us.

  1. Results-Oriented.  We are always focused on the end-result of any task assigned but we are present for every step of the journey.
  2. People-Centric. People create success.  Our aim is to make our clients look and do better within their organizations, through the results we achieve together.
  3. Independent. Our independence enables our clients to benefit from cost-efficiencies, impartial advice and innovative partnerships.
  4. Analytical.  Assumptions often lead to mistakes.  We like to make decisions on the basis of facts, research and analysis.
  5. Honest.  We are honest about what is possible, and what is inadvisable.
  6. Fun-Loving. In our experience making work pleasurable leads to better outcomes. We are serious about delivering results for our clients but we like to have fun with them in the process.
  7. Charitable.  We like to do more than just good work.  We like to do good through our work with UNICEF and other NGO partners.