Facilitation & Training


Facilitation is the art and craft of enabling individuals and groups to discuss shared objectives and develop agreed strategies for a common direction.

We facilitate association boards and corporate affairs team meetings to act as a catalyst for groups to solve problems and develop solutions.

We also moderate conferences and events.

Presentation and moderation training

The Dober Partners team has particularly strong expertise in conducting training for European public affairs and communications professionals – and specifically presenting / moderating in public forums and events.  All of our team are active communications specialists and / or accredited coaching professionals.

We help organisations to identify and work through performance issues by deep diving into specific challenges and developing tailor-made programmes designed to address, overcome and enhance communications and presentation skills, for a broad range of people.  From those who are already experienced, to those who have little or no experience in presenting or moderating in public forums.

We are adept at developing training tool kits, which offer just the right amount of information. This is especially important when providing training for large groups of people that have different levels of seniority and expertise in the art of presentation or moderating online conversations.

As a group of independent experts, Dober Partners can objectively help design training programmes that help our clients to achieve the right outcomes.  Our be-spoke programme are tailored-made to meet your specific needs.

The Dober Partners team has worked with a number of professional associations on training for media,  presenting, moderation, the art of online conversations, youth training, as well as MC’ing events.

The Dober Partners team also recommends and works with Brussels’ leading training organisations the European Centre for Public Affairs (ECPA) and the Public Affairs Council (PAC).  Indeed, our team member Christophe Lécureuil actually leads the European Centre for Public Affairs, as well as advocacy training at Geneva’s Graduate School.  Florence Ranson regularly speaks at and moderates events throughout Europe and is a mentor to young professionals.

Mark Dober has lectured at many academic institutions including the Institut des Hautes Études des Communications (IHECS), Maastricht University and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).  Brian Ager and Natalia Kurop are also regular conference speakers.

We have the capacity to provide speciality training for corporations, associations and NGOs on all aspects of communication, public affairs and association leadership, drawing on over 150 years of professional experience of the team, as well as external experts in our network.

A number of clients have enjoyed pleasant and valuable training experiences:

“I did several media training sessions with Dober Partners and found that the programme had been tailored to meet my specific needs. These workshops helped me improve my media presentation skills and think of new ways to tell compelling stories in the public domain”
Jochen Beck, Partner Fieldfisher, LLP

“Dober Partners provided me with individual coaching in preparation for acting as MC at the first-ever ERC Public Engagement with Research Awards. The coaching was engaging and an enjoyable learning experience provided in a relaxed environment.”
Anthony Lockett, Head of Communications, European Research Council