Corporate EU Public Affairs Compensation & Benefits Report

Following hot on the heels of our European Association Compensation & Benefits 2020 report, this study is dedicated to the thousands of people who work in EU corporate public affairs functions, in Brussels and around Europe.

If you lead or work in a EU Corporate Public Affairs team, we wrote this report especially for you.

Through regular contacts with clients and candidates we have amassed considerable knowledge on compensation packages in Brussels, across sectors and seniority levels. This report is a product of this decade of knowledge and experience combined with the largest ever EU corporate public affairs remuneration survey.

Companies from 6 continents of the world are represented to the EU institutions but of the 2,555 companies actively lobbying the EU, exactly 501 have offices in or around Brussels. According to latest Dober Partners research these 501 companies originate from 31 countries and employ around 2,500 staff in Brussels.  This report looks at where these companies orginate from and the largest spenders in 2020 with an overview of the EU Corporate Public Affairs ‘marketplace’ which should be of interest to corporate staff and job candidates alike.

Corporate Remuneration Report

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This 34 page report analyses compensation & benefits packages of EU corporate public affairs staff at all levels of seniority, and across a spectrum of roles. We also look at job functions and titles, as well as non-financial rewards and tax issues.

Thank you very much to the many people who participated in this research and our friends at the Public Affairs Council. We wish you the best of health and happiness in these challenging times.