Catherine Piana

If someone is going to manipulate your brain, let this someone be you. This is one of my favourite mottos. As far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated about how people function and how they communicate. What drives them, what influences them, what makes them tick, how they motivate themselves.

So even if I did not intentionally mean to land in the EU lobbying world, my curiosity and appetite for knowledge were fully satisfied, at least for a while.  After a couple of decades of practice based on instinct and trial and error, I wanted to know more about the theory of communication, influence and leadership.  I got a distance-learning MBA and followed an in-depth neurolinguistic programming course – I hold the fancy certificate of Master Practitioner in NLP.  Behind this barbaric title lie a wealth of tools to understand people’s functioning and enhance communication skills to better influence self and others.  I also became a coach (business and life coach), a trainer and a hypnotherapist.

In 2012, I launched my part-time free-lance activity as a consultant, coach and trainer and this became a full-time occupation in 2014 and a company in 2016.

Apart from my work as a lobbyist, I deliver trainings on negotiation, leadership, charisma and presentation skills. I also coach people on private or professional matters. Influence is the red thread between these 3 activities.

What you can expect from me as a coach: help you find out your goal and help you reach it, uncover at a deeper level what motivates you and what values make you tick, what your purpose is – professionally and personally.  And most of all: I won’t stop until I find what works for you.

Academic background: Masters in Translation English Italian French (ISTI – ULB Brussels), MBA (Falconbury, UK)

Certificates / Trainings: NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer, Life Coach (Institut Ressources – Belgium), Ericksonian hypnosis and reprocessing therapy, NLP for businesses.