Barbara Gallist

Barbara Gallist Coaching offers a customized coaching service for all profession-related issues. I pro- vide a protected and fully confidential space for all management levels to zoom in on a clearer view on goals, existing resources and means to overcome obstacles.

Being a lawyer by initial training, I spent the first 15 years of my career path in the context of EU politics and law in Brussels. Working with major national and European associations and the European institutions gave me an insight in different systems, structures and logics. Heading a larger team myself, I had the opportunity to develop, try and live different leadership philosophies. Set- backs and doubts included! During these years I realised that coaching others in dealing with these challenges is my vocation. That gave me the curiosity and the energy to set up my own coaching practice in 2015. First under the umbrella of Job Yourself Belgium and then in my own company.