Communication Director

Recruitment Process

Dober Partners has been retained to draw up a shortlist of prospective candidates against the criteria set out in this document, and using their discretion and expertise to complete the selection together with ICA’s leadership. The process will be open to all qualified candidates.

Key Objectives

  • Position the ICA as the authoritative voice of cash to ensure that currency continues as a preferred payment choice
  • Enhance marketing and communication for Global Currency Forum
  • Grow the presence of the ICA among the international ‘support for cash’ lobby as an active and leading participant in the various campaigns to protect the role of cash payments
  • Raise positive awareness of the ICA among existing and prospective members, by generating content that can be distributed among members and by supporting new membership recruitment
  • Support and complement existing communication activities of the Cash Matters campaign


  • Significant (>10y) experience in the field of communication campaigns and marketing
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Industry experience and/or association experience
  • Experience with research, collection and compilation of information
  • Self-motivated; good time management skills

Tasks will include

  • Development of communication plan and budget for the ICA and GCF.
  • Develop and execute marketing plan for GCF.
  • Write articles, press releases, position papers, key messages, talking points, opinion editorials, social media messages and other communication materials as needed.
  • Identify speaking opportunities for the Director General and other spokespeople
  • Develop and maintain media relations.
  • Maintain database of media coverage and analyse/measure various metrics.
  • Establish and maintain contacts with key communication personnel of members and allied organizations.
  • Develop internal communication for members and communication tailored to potential new members
  • Research, analyse and develop appropriate facts and figures, key messages and background/information materials to support advocacy and media work.
  • Develop and maintain internal library and filing system.
  • Ensure proper distribution and sharing of timely information resources and assist with development of processes for alerting and responding to issues, especially crisis situations.

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