Chief Executive

Recruitment Process

Susanne Løgstrup is stepping down as Director after 25 successful years leading the European Heart Network. Mark Dober has been retained by the Board of EHN to draw up a shortlist of prospective candidates against the criteria set out in this document, and using his discretion and expertise to help recruit a new leader.

The process will be open to all qualified candidates.  In principle the shortlist is now finalized, and we are at final stages of recruitment.

About the European Heart Network

EHN is a Brussels-based alliance of foundations and associations dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke and supporting patients throughout Europe.  With 3.9 million deaths per year, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one cause of death in Europe. With 25 years of existence, EHN has demonstrated its staying power. Since its beginning and together with its members, EHN has engaged with European policy makers to activate and influence policies which can contribute to promoting cardiovascular health and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

The EHN plays a leading role in the prevention and reduction of cardiovascular diseases, in particular heart disease and stroke, through advocacy, networking, capacity-building, patient support, and research so that they are no longer a major cause of premature death and disability throughout Europe.

EHN’s vision is that every European has a right to a life free from avoidable cardiovascular diseases. To achieve this vision, EHN dedicates itself to:

  • Influencing EU policies affecting cardiovascular health and people living with cardiovascular diseases
  • connecting organisations concerned with cardiovascular health and supporting people living with cardiovascular diseases
  • gathering and disseminating information relevant to cardiovascular health promotion, prevention and optimal treatment and care of cardiovascular patients
  • strengthening its membership capacity, including linking patients with the research and health care communities.

EHN has members across Europe. EHN members are national heart foundations committed to preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Europe, supporting patients and funding research. EHN employs five full time secretariat staff at its Brussels offices, located at 31 Rue Montoyer.


  • Highly educated (university degree)
  • Multilingual – including English as a native language or ability to communicate in English at an equivalent level
  • At least 10 years professional experience, preferably as director or secretary general of a membership association
  • Experience within an international and multi-cultural environment is an advantage
  • Preferably knowledge of the structures and procedures of the EU institutions, especially those with the focus on health

Main Functions

  • Be the spokesperson for EHN and promote its and its members objectives and common cause
  • Sustain high satisfaction among EHN’s membership
  • Advise the EHN Board of current EU thinking, possible legislation, policies and programmes which impinge on the work of the EHN and its members
  • Be responsible for the management of the EHN, including staff and finances

Tasks include

  • Develop EHN’s strategy and ensure regular reviews hereof
  • Prepare and implement EHN work programmes
  • Provide a visible advocacy role for the EHN in the EU institutions and other relevant European bodies
  • Develop networks with relevant staff of the Commission and members of relevant European Parliament Committees and inform them pro-actively of the aims, objectives, views and issues of concern to the EHN
  • Liaise specifically with officials in the Commission’s DG SANTE, and with other DGs whenever necessary
  • Liaise particularly with members of the ENVI Committee, and with other EP Committees whenever necessary
  • Liaise with the WHO Regional Office for Europe
  • Cooperate with key stakeholders
  • Develop EHN’s media profile
  • Advise the EHN Board of relevant EU initiatives and the need for and timing of responses, and of other opportunities to present information to the EU and other bodies
  • Develop position papers and responses for submission to the EU and encourage new policy proposals together with the EHN Board and members and, as appropriate, EHN Expert Groups
  • Monitor opportunities for projects funding from the European Union and/or for including EHN as a partner in EU project applications
  • Run EHN annual workshop in conjunction with the EHN Board and the host organisation
  • Provide capacity-building for EHN members, including development and orientation programmes in EU public affairs
  • Strengthen EHN’s position as European cardiovascular patients organisation
  • Consolidate EHN’s Research Platform
  • Organise and participate in the meetings of the EHN’s General Assembly and the Board meetings
  • Ensure that the office is run in a correct and efficient manner and that the Board is well-informed of matters pertaining to finances

The Chief Executive of the EHN is currently supported by a team of four people, three full-time equivalents and one part-time equivalent. Given the modest size of the EHN, the Chief Executive is expected to be very much involved in all aspect of the operations of the organisation and provide support for members of the team.

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