European Trade Association Compensation & Benefits 2020 Report

If you lead or work in a European association secretariat, we wrote this report especially for you.

At Dober Partners we specialise in the recruitment of European association staff who typically either lead the association or work in key policy, communication, operations or regulatory roles. Through regular contacts with clients and candidates we have amassed considerable knowledge on compensation packages in Brussels, across sectors and seniority levels. This report is a product of this decade of knowledge and experience combined with the largest ever Brussels association remuneration survey completed in summer 2020.

European Trade Association Compensation & Benefits 2020 Report

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This 36 page report analyses compensation & benefits packages of trade association staff at all levels of seniority, and across a spectrum of roles. We also look at job functions and titles, as well as non-financial rewards and how to keep your best people.

European associations have always fulfilled a critical role in shaping the policies and regulations affecting the sectors they represent – as well as defending and enhancing their reputations. Never have businesses and associations needed to engage with European governments and the EU more than now. This report is intended as a useful guide to association leaders, to help them reward and motivate their secretariats toward peak performance.

We dedicate this report to the more than 13,400 people who work in all manner of associations in Brussels but it is focused on trade associations who represent private businesses. It is those businesses that are going to create the profits and employment that will restore the European economy to growth and help reduce the massive public sector deficits deepened by the coronavirus.

One key variable in remuneration, particularly at the senior level, is whether secretariat staff are employed as independent contractors or salaried employees. In this updated 2nd edition I am delighted to include two new insightful articles from Sylvie Dumortier (Tax Counsel) and Sophie Maes (Partner) of specialist HR law firm Claeys & Engels on Legal and Tax Considerations for Independent Contractors.

Thank you very much to the 410 people who participated in this research. We wish you the best of health and happiness in these challenging times.