BestinBrussels Report 2022-2023

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BestinBrussels 2022-2023 Guide

Want to know who are the best consultants and law firms in Brussels? Who won this year’s BestinBrussels Awards for Best Corporate Affairs Team, Best EU Business Association and Best NGO? What are the top skills for public affairs leaders? Download our free BestinBrussels 2022 Guide to find out. is the first and only independent resource for organisations wanting to identify, compare and choose the best partners in Brussels for their advocacy needs.  BestinBrussels highlights the Top 80 EU Public Affairs Consultancies and leading law firms specialized in public policy.  We look at the public affairs specialists in industry sectors from aerospace to telecoms, and policy areas from sustainability to trade.  BestinBrussels also describes the best public affairs intelligence systems for clients, as well as digital public affairs and multimedia agencies in Brussels.